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I am a passionate senior game design student at Champlain College, a top ranked school for game development by the Princeton Review. My specialties are systems, virtual reality, and technical design. I am currently pursuing career opportunities post-graduation in the game development industry.

Through my time studying at Champlain College and working at the Champlain Emergent Media Center, I have gained substantial game design knowledge and professional experience. I am trained in team game development using agile methodologies and scrum, working with people of many varying disciplines. I know what it takes to bring a game from beginning concept and documentation stages to shipping a final product, through market research, rapid prototyping iteration, sprint planning, quality assurance testing, balancing and polish. I know how to collaborate with and pitch to clients and consumers who don’t have backgrounds in game development, in a professional and organized manner.

I have experience in various areas of game development, but my passion is systems design. I love being able to dream up, implement, and test new and unique types of gameplay systems and mechanics. As a hands-on designer; I always prefer to be working in-engine to build and test gameplay through scripting. Recently, I’ve made multiple ventures into virtual reality development, and I am excited about the possibilities for this emerging technology. I see so much untapped potential for unique systems and gameplay through VR, and I hope to be able to make a career where I can help to define the future of virtual reality games.


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