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Carl Eats Sheep

Consume until you crash!

 Team Composition:

  Sean Kennedy, Designer

  Lucas Charland, Designer

  Michelle Pollack, Designer

  Paul Klimazewski, Designer

  Production Period:

  November - December 2016

Made For:

PC with XBOX 360 Controller

1 Player

Developed With:


Carl Eats Sheep was a final project for my Game Technology II class, a course aimed at training designers to become more proficient in Unity 3D and C# Scripting.

With a relatively short amount of time, my team of three other designers and myself decided to create a game with mechanics that were simple in nature, but could be refined and polished to a level of quality. Our goal was to develop a short, arcade-style game with clean visuals and precise, satisfying controls.

The end product is a 3D "Snake" game. In the menu screen, the player has the option to select one of several soundtracks and environments to load. The player controls a dragon which automatically flies forward by steering with the joystick. They may also switch between several dynamic camera angles as they play, and can even press A to let out a terrifying dragon roar. 

The goal is to catch and eat the sheep which are helplessly bouncing all around. Each time the player eats a sheep, their body grows longer and follows the head. The player also gets slightly faster, making the controls a bit more difficult as the game progresses. When the player eventually collides with either the boundaries or their own body, it's game over, and they get to watch the entire length of their dragon's body detonate in spectacular fashion as the score is calculated.

The group collaborated together to develop most of the game, but the core mechanic I was mainly in charge of was managing the dragon's body; adding to it as sheep are eaten and getting it to follow the head in a smooth and realistic way. I also created the ending explosion effect.

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